The Lonely Irish Traveller

The Lonely Irish Traveller

imagine being brought up by lies one of your parents doesn’t recognise you as one of there kids

Imagine finding out in your 30’s the man who raised you wasn’t your biological father

Imagine finding out you are a Irish Traveller in your 30’s

Imagine still today you don’t know your true identity

it’s my intention to bring to people’s attention this is actually what happened to me I’m finding out that I’m a irish traveller at the age of 37 years of age

I don’t agree with the term you must be brought into the community to be a Traveller no

My view is if one or both your parents are Travellers your a Traveller

and if anyone else tells you anything else don’t listen to them in my view I think there’s more irish travellers then what the CSO stats tell us

I say there’s lots of people like me being told this and most children today don’t know who they really are these days

Birth certificates

imagine on your birth certificate the man on your birth certificate is not your biological father the GRO does not recognise that this is going to be a major issue and laws needs to change because in a few years to come more and more children are going to question this law